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OBJECTIVE: Game Designer Position




City of Wonders: A Tale From The Rift World – a Domesticated Rock Productions Neverwinter Nights mod, released in March 2003

Asheron’s Call 2: Fallen Kings – a Turbine Entertainment MMP game, released in November 2002




2002 – Present: Mod Design, Neverwinter Nights – Domesticated Rock Productions
Currently releasing mods for the Neverwinter Nights RPG based on my own fantasy universe and leading a small online team working as Domesticated Rock Productions.


2001: Game Content Design, Asheron’s Call 2 - Turbine Entertainment Software
Worked in a team to create innovative new game play experiences, environments, characters, and lore for Massively Multiplayer Games.


1999 – 2000: Lead Designer, Engalus – Crytek Studios

Led team to creation of groundbreaking tech demo and pre-production materials for an Action/RPG, 3D First Person Shooter game. Produced extensive design document, dialog script, pre-production levels, artwork, and conceptual renderings.




1996-2000    Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Filmmaking, Massachusetts College of Art




2+ years experience working as part of game development teams.

Experience with Adobe Photoshop and similar 2D art programs.

Illustration and conceptual drawing experience.
Experience with 3D Studio Max and Maya.
Scripting experience in C/C++, Java, Python, and related languages.
Experience with proprietary game design software.

Experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, and other Office components.

Experience working a tight schedule for a demanding publisher.

A lifelong love of gaming and game design.




Scott Shepherd      Artist, Turbine Entertainment

                         Professional Reference, known 7 years
617) 417-6326



Jason Ferenz          Asst. Manager, Electronics Boutique Store #135

                                 Personal/Professional Reference, known 1 year
(203) 545-7646





Gaming: PC & Console (all genres).

Game Design & Design Discussion.

Entertainment (social and private): music, movies, games, etc.

Literature/Art: fantasy, sci-fi, comics/graphic novels, philosophy, history.