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Asheron's Calls 2: Fallen Kingslugian pic

I was one of the original designers hired to work on this sequel to the award-winning Asheron's Call, Turbine Entertainment's first game. I was only at Turbine for several months but my contribution to the finished product lives on in the Lugians, one of three playable races for the game.

Early on, in addition to thinking about quest and dungeon design, I took it upon myself to develop the Lugian player race and take them from their humble beginnings as simple MOBs in AC1 to something grander. Working with the available information and with members of both the AC2 and AC1 team I was able to infuse the Lugians with a rich heritage as a warrior society.

While much changed with Asheron's Call 2 after my departure I believe my work with the Lugians remains the foundation for this integral part of the game world.

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