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Originally conceived around 2000, Tales From The Rift World is a unique RPG universe that centers around the planet of Keldana and the 'Rift Energy' within it which, has the ability to displace objects in time and space. The 'tales' from the Rift World tend to deal with themes of technology vs. nature of of people trying to survive in what can often be an alien environment.

Below you will find various design documents pertaining to the Tales From The Rift World universe and projects currently under development by myself and my mod team Domesticated Rock Productions.

City of Wonders: The recently released first mod from the Rift World universe. This mod tells a somewhat Atlantean tale of a society destroyed by greed and their dependence on the volatile Rift energy. Below are 3 early quest documents from the mod and a link to the mod files which can be played using Neverwinter Nights.

Mod - Game Files
Mod - Hak Pak (needed to play mod)
Mod - Movies (optional intro and ending movies)

Quest - Trail of Blood
Quest - Secrets of The Upper House
Quest - Fall of The Archmage

A Line in The Sand: This is an open-ended series of mods which was put on hold in order to work on the less ambitious City of Wonders. The focus of A Line in The Sand has since changed and preproduction work is beginning. Below you will find some of the original quest documents.

Story - A Line in The Sand
Quest - Trial of Ascendance
Quest - Lions at The Gate
Quest - Terror in The Sky
Quest - The Occupation of Anyndur
Quest - Resist
Quest - Sabotage The Excavation
Quest - Defeat Marshall Vicks

Fallen Warrior: This first Rift World mod I designed was intended for the Dungeon Siege engine but was dropped before anything really took shape in favor of working with Neverwinter Nights. The following are documents describing this mod and it's story.

Fallen Warrior - Concept
Fallen Warrior - Monsters

Rift World, General: The following is the original concept document for the Rift World universe back when I conceived of it as an MMORPG world.

Rift World - Concept

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