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Engalus was an Action/RPG First Person Shooter in development at Crytek Studios. I originally joined the Engalus team in 1999 as the Lead Level Designer and eventually became the Lead Designer when the project was restarted later that year. The project ran into a number of difficulties both stemming from the relative virtual office development environment and from a very wet behind the ears team, and I eventually realized that Crytek and I were trying to bite off more than we could chew. When my contract was up I left Crytek to developing their other projects and sought employment at a level more fitting my experience.

Later on I did revisit Engalus in one sense. In order to add some new work to my portfolio I developed a small mod by myself, using the Deus Ex engine that borrowed from the second act of the original Engalus story. The finished product can be downloaded below.

Crytek Studio's Engalus Engine Tech Demo: This is the tech demo created by Crytek Studios which features areas designed by myself and 2 other designers and has a soundtrack also done by me. Also below are screenshots of areas I designed.

file 1 (download and extract both files)
file 2

screenshot - click to view screenshot - click to view screenshot - click to view

Engalus Story: The following are the Story and Script documents for Engalus. Used here by permission of Crytek Studios and may not be reproduced or redistributed.

Engalus Story
Engalus Script

Engalus Deus Ex Mod: This the private Deus Ex mod I made for my portfolio utilizing the second act of the original Engalus story. Also below are screenshots and a document for the mod that explains my design decisions throughout.

file 1 | file 2 | file 3 | file 4
(download all files then refer to the instructions below)

The Engalus Mission Doc


Instructions: In order to play the mission first download it then extract the contents.

If you have the Deus Ex SDK installed:

Open UnrealEd for Deus Ex, open the map named 16_Intro.dx and hit CTRL-P to play it.

If you don't have the Deus Ex SDK installed:

1. Download the multiplayer patch from If you have Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition this should not be necessary.

2. Go into Deus Ex and view the keyboard/mouse controls, at the bottom of the list will be a button bound to "Send Message to All" bind this to a key you can remember like T.

3. On the title screen press T (the button you bound), back space to remove "Say", and in its place type:

set JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True

No confirmation message will appear but if you did it right cheats will then be enabled.

4. Press T again, delete "Say" and type :


A secret menu will appear with an option to load a map. Click that button and select : 16_Intro.dx from the list to start the mission playing.

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